Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Say Cheese!

My friend has a birthday today! (shout hoo-ray)

And for her birthday she wanted a cheese tasting. She just wanted to get a ton of different kinds of cheese and try them all. So- when her husband ordered her cake- he wanted a "cheese" cake.

Complete with little mousey. (the picture doesn't really do it justice... it was a big cheese wheel... the kind dipped in wax... get it??? sigh... )

She also got my second ever attempted- and first successful- cheesecake.  A real one. Like, made from scratch and everything- even the crust! When I delivered the cakes I stayed around just long enough for her to offer me a slice. I was dying to try it!

Oh. My. Gyosh.  It was heavenly. And I'm not even saying that to toot my own horn. Whoever came up with that recipe- I applaud you. I stand and give an ovation. I got to taste a little bit of heaven tonight. And it is good.