Friday, July 5, 2013

Flag Cake!

I had a great idea to make this cake for my co-workers

Mine didn't turn out quite as picturesque, but still it tasted really REALLY good. and ultimately, that's all that matters, right?

It was a huge mess and there is a lot of leftover cake scraps that someone is going to have to choke down [insert Katniss meme: I volunteer!]. I also made a lot of cupcakes with some of the remaining batter since 8 and 6" cakes don't take a whole mix.

I baked white and red cakes 6 and 8" one 8" blue cake. I cut the red and white cakes in half and layered them with a bit of frosting between the layers (my frosting is seriously like crack and even people who tell me all the time that they hate frosting and always scrape it off- they tell me that they love it).


For the blue layer, I evened out the cake then cut a hole in it. I cut the 6" cakes in half and then cut them to fit inside the hole. (note to self- when you are making a striped cake, make sure to put the stripes in the right order otherwise the cake loses the whole effect [face palm- stupidstupidstupid]).


I frosted the whole thing with a light crumb coat then gave the outer edge some stripes.


The outside of the cake looked really pretty if I do say so myself.

Once we cut into it- it wasn't as pretty as I planned- but still, it impressed my co workers.

Happy Fourth!