Friday, October 31, 2014


A coworker decided very last minute to get married on Halloween. She asked me to do her cake! She sent me about 6 different cakes showing me what she liked about each one. I did the best I could to add all the elements she asked for.

She also asked for 6 dozen cupcakes decorated Halloweenish. She provided the stand.

I took pictures from every angle because it's so different all the way around. The tombstones and little skulls are gum paste. There is one that has their names etched in it along with their wedding date.

Here's a little up close of the cupcakes.


It was definitely different than anything I've ever done before. Congratulations Mike and Cher!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Pa

This year was a BIG birthday for my dad. The whole family was in town (that doesn't happen often) so we had a big ol party for him. The organizers decided to go with a cowboy theme because my dad really likes old westerns.

My dad hates fondant- so his cake was my first ever fondant free cake with real live piping on it. I didn't have the tip size I would have preferred so the bandana detailing is a little large, and we knew the cake was going to be gobbled up right away so I didn't spend a lot of time making sure it was structurally sound- so don't look too closely at the pictures because there are cracks in it where it was starting to come apart a little. But it tasted awesome- and really, that's all that matters, right?

And then, just to make it interesting, I found this post on Pinterest and had a go at making it a polka dot cake (my sister said it looked like cow print- I'll take it!)

Happy Birthday, Pops!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Flag Cake!

I had a great idea to make this cake for my co-workers

Mine didn't turn out quite as picturesque, but still it tasted really REALLY good. and ultimately, that's all that matters, right?

It was a huge mess and there is a lot of leftover cake scraps that someone is going to have to choke down [insert Katniss meme: I volunteer!]. I also made a lot of cupcakes with some of the remaining batter since 8 and 6" cakes don't take a whole mix.

I baked white and red cakes 6 and 8" one 8" blue cake. I cut the red and white cakes in half and layered them with a bit of frosting between the layers (my frosting is seriously like crack and even people who tell me all the time that they hate frosting and always scrape it off- they tell me that they love it).


For the blue layer, I evened out the cake then cut a hole in it. I cut the 6" cakes in half and then cut them to fit inside the hole. (note to self- when you are making a striped cake, make sure to put the stripes in the right order otherwise the cake loses the whole effect [face palm- stupidstupidstupid]).


I frosted the whole thing with a light crumb coat then gave the outer edge some stripes.


The outside of the cake looked really pretty if I do say so myself.

Once we cut into it- it wasn't as pretty as I planned- but still, it impressed my co workers.

Happy Fourth!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Peacock Birthdays

When I first got my job at the hospital, I spent the first few days on the computer watching snooze-fest videos about ethics and policies and blah blah blah- so to keep myself awake, I doodled cakes. This cake to be exact.

Sept 2011

This was my first attempt at a fondant character. There is a lot I would do differently now, but I think for a first attempt, he's pretty cute.

It's kinda funny to go back and look at these old cakes I've done. I haven't done many since then, but I still think I've come a long way.  This was really only my second fondant cake ever.

Speaking of peacock cakes, I don't think I posted the one I made this year for my little cousin's birthday. All Butter cream. (which would have been eaten- every last bite- except we used trick candles so 3/4 of the cake was covered in spit and/or ashes.)

Feb 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Referee Cake

My older brother is a Ref for high school and city league football. So for his birthday he got this:

Oct 2011

Because I know some people who don't understand football, the yellow bit on top is not a sweaty towel, it's the foul flag thingy that they throw when someone does something meaner than usual on the field.

I think.