Thursday, June 13, 2013

Peacock Birthdays

When I first got my job at the hospital, I spent the first few days on the computer watching snooze-fest videos about ethics and policies and blah blah blah- so to keep myself awake, I doodled cakes. This cake to be exact.

Sept 2011

This was my first attempt at a fondant character. There is a lot I would do differently now, but I think for a first attempt, he's pretty cute.

It's kinda funny to go back and look at these old cakes I've done. I haven't done many since then, but I still think I've come a long way.  This was really only my second fondant cake ever.

Speaking of peacock cakes, I don't think I posted the one I made this year for my little cousin's birthday. All Butter cream. (which would have been eaten- every last bite- except we used trick candles so 3/4 of the cake was covered in spit and/or ashes.)

Feb 2013

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