Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cupcake Wedding

I don't get asked to do many wedding cakes these days. Maybe I should actually let people around here know I do them. This Bride is the sister of a friend I worked with in Idaho. It was actually fun to do a cake. It's been a while.

She ordered a two tiered wedding cake and 200 cupcakes.

The cake was a chocolate and white sour cream marble cake (as were the cupcakes)

The frosting was a buttery buttery butter cream (seriously- so freaking good that my diet was WRECKED for the weekend)

I had an example picture of what she wanted and I used that as a guideline for the filigree- but it is 100% free-handed.

My sister was kind enough to make pretty bows for the back. She makes the best bows ever!

I think the display of it was fun. They did a good job. 

Also- a HUGE shout out to my sisters and young cousins who helped in the production of flowers and stuff for the cupcakes. I always am more ambitious than I have time for. I also had a minor melt-down over a fondant issue- but everything turned out OK I think.