Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

We're celebrating my birthday here today!!!

It's going to be a while before I get a chance to make cakes again- so in the meantime you get cakes from the past.

Bakeshow, "Long past?"

Ghost of Birthdays past, "No, your past."

I'm not even sure which years they were. I have a general guess- but the actual ages I can't recall. I'm pretty sure my mom made all of them- although one could have been made by my sister, Valeri.

PS- if you say a word about the mullet- I'll break up with your for like, ever.

My doll cake. I am guessing around 4 or 5?

Ahhh... the Smurf Cake. I think this was about second grade (I would guess age 6 by the candles)

I actually got the white chocolate ghost cake a couple of times. Once for my 8th birthday party, and then again this year- which I would guess is either 9 or 10 ish.

You can always tell what I was into by the picture on my cake. I used to be *really* into unicorns and rainbows! (Who am I kidding, I still like that stuff) I had that haircut in 7th grade- so uhhh... 11?

If we're going by candles this is 14 ish- but candles are not always reliable in this family (this year I got four).

That's my Kinko cake (Kinko was my kitty). My mom used him as the model for the cake.

I know there are more cakes- but I have no idea where the photos are. I know for my first birthday I had a three tiered cake. Maybe I'll hunt that photo down and use it for the monumental birthday that is looming 366 days from now.

I don't get cake any more. With so many  birthdays all grouped together in my family- we OD on cake pretty fast.  So for my birthday I get chocolate (preferably French Silk) pie. My sister-in-law two weeks ahead of me gets German chocolate (as does her daughter whose birthday is two days after hers). My brother 6 days after me gets white cake with raspberry dessert and my sister the following day gets cherry pie (bleh) just so we can keep the variety going.