Friday, July 29, 2011

Relay For Life

I have been putting off this post because I wanted more pictures to go with it- but procrastination gets us nowhere. Right?

So this year's theme for the Fred Meyer Team was "Kiss Cancer Goodbye." We had a theme of Princess and the Frog (which loosly translates to Mardi Gras!)

I didn't get to stay long because I worked early the next day, but some dressed up as princesses, some as frogs (and I let them use my collection of plush frogs as props). We had lots of beads to throw as we walked the team lap (things were a little unorganized so it didn't work out exactly how we wanted it to, but it was a fun idea) and for our fund raiser we sold cupcakes.

These cupcakes!

They were a group effort.  My sister made the King Cakes (they were white cupcakes with green and purple marbling- and a baby inside) and I made the gumpaste decorations on top. The frog prince crowns were painted with aztec gold luster dust and the masks were painted (painstakingly by Mom) with purple food coloring.  Then I had a stroke.... of GENIUS and decided that the masks needed a little bit more so I edged them in yellow sprinkles to give them a Mardi Gras feel (and by "I edged them" I mean "Mom edged them")

Friday, July 1, 2011

Buttars and Willis Weddings

So last year, shortly after I moved home, my mom was asked to do a wedding cake (among the zillions she's done). They wanted fondant, but she does not do fondant. So we came up with the idea that I would try to do the cake in fondant, and if it didn't work out then she'd do it in buttercream and no one would be the wiser. This is that cake- (snaps the the people who find the hidden Mickey-that *oh yes* was put there on purpose)

Personally, for my first ever wedding cake, and my second or third fondant cake, I think it's pretty good. We delivered the cake just like this, then the family put their own flowers on it.

I guess they liked it enough to recommend me to a newly engaged couple. For the first time ever I had a couple come and toss around ideas with me.  They gave me a general picture of what they wanted- and this is what they got.

 If you click on the picture, it makes it a little bigger and you can see the detail of the white on white design. Again, the flowers were created by the family.  They said specifically where they were to go, so I hope they are pleased with the final product. I'm proud of it. The company they hired to do the backdrops and tables and stuff liked it enough that she asked for a business card so she can recommend people to me.

Heaven help me.