Friday, November 9, 2012

Oren turns UNO!

My baby nephew is ONE! He's UNO! So his mommy threw him an Uno birthday party. It is also my brother's birthday, so baby and daddy got to celebrate together.

Since the whole soiree was her brain child (her's and Pinterest's) I'll leave the blog filled with birthday details to her-

Since it was an Uno themed party, Oren got an Uno themed cake.  Travis got Wild chocolate chip cookies (which I made- but they just look like regular ol cookies so no sense posting the picture) 

It was a dark chocolate and french vanilla cake with my new buttercream frosting recipe- but it was spread so thin that you couldnt even taste it. Gah! The frosting is the best part of the cake!!! Trial and error... I'll do better next time.