Monday, May 7, 2012

Super Baby!

Hi! I know, I know, I've been absent for a while. But since I moved to Utah it's been hard to find reasons to make a cake- or the motivation. I was bound and determined to make one for Valentine's Day to take to work... and I decided at the last minute not to because I didn't feel like spending hours making a cake for my ungrateful (and mostly undeserving) co-workers. I bah-humbugged.

Anyway- The perfect opportunity to finally make one arose! My friend Carolyn is having a baby! But not just any baby- a SUPER BABY! They're decorating his room in Marvel Comics so when we started talking about throwing her a shower, I volunteered for cake duty!

Since the Avengers just came out and it's pretty much the most amazing comic book movie ever made- I went with them (thank goodness they're Marvel!)

This is Baby Thor.  Complete with armor cap adorned with little wings. (By the way- my real camera was dead and I didn't know till it was to late- so the pics are from my el crapo phone camera). He's  also sporting overalls and red cape.

Baby Hulk is fashionable in his torn purple pants. He was going to get a torn diaper- but it didn't turn out so well so I gave up. He is still buff through his baby fat and has a pouty grimace on his face.

Baby Iron Man... well, one can't really tell what is going on under that facade- but knowing him he's probably up to some mischief. Apparently he's the second edition Iron Man (hence the triangle instead of a circle on his chest) He also has little booster pads on his hands and you can't see in the super professional picture- but even the bottoms of his shoes are textured for safety.

Avengers Assemble! I wasn't able to make/fit all four little figurines on the cake- so I saved my favorite hero- Captain America- as the overall theme for the cake.  That way, even when the other little fellows were removed for the cake cutting, the Captain was still fully present.

I forgot how time consuming cakes are to decorate. But it was worth it. She's a good friend and it was a fun Super Hero themed shower. 

I don't know when I'll make another cake- but maybe I'll start posting some more cakes from the past just so there's not another 8 month gap on the blog.