Saturday, June 1, 2013

Birthday Experiments

These two cakes were just simple birthday cakes I made. I was experimenting.

The snowflake is piped royal icing and was transferred to the cake- not piped onto the cake.  The "roses" on the side I was trying to make look like ribbon rosettes, but they were too bulky and ended up tearing down the side of the cake. I think next time I'll thin the fondant out. A lot. and work on the draping. It's not something I've mastered yet- as this is the only time I've attempted it and it was like, two years ago.

Dec 2010

This cake was an experimentation with my cake cricut. I was aiming for a damask look- but I apparently had a brain fart and forgot what damask looks like.

Dec 2010

This one was just a let's-get-the-heck-out-of-winter-even-though-it's-still-winter cake. Just trying to bring spring a little early that year. I don't think it worked, but it was a fun cake anyway.

Jan 2011

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