Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Train birthday

This was my first and probably last attempt at a sculpted cake. What a pain! It was fun to do- but I definitely don't recommend doing sculpted cakes with flimsy cake mix cakes. They definitely need to be a kind of sturdier cake. There were a lot of dowels running through this cake to keep it together. I think I had to work the day of the party because I don't remember being there when he saw it and when it was cut. But I seem to remember my mom needing to warn everyone to watch before they took bites that they weren't eating wood!

Jan 2011

It was my oldest nephews 5th birthday- and boy howdy did that kid LOOOOVE trains.

Everyone stop and have a moment of silence for the Ding Dong wheels. Sigh... I miss Hostess.

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