Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fairy Garden

December 2009

First order of business.

Are any of you having a hard time looking at this site? I tried it today on my work computer and it came up this garish green with light blue words. Not only could I not read it, I nearly went blind trying.

It's supposed to be a lovely shade of green with a cutesy background...? can you see it?

Now, for the reason we're all here. Cake.

Ok... have we recovered from our time travel? Cuz we're gonna do it again. Back again to December 2009, not quite so far this time, a week or so. Heeeere Weeeee Goooooo!!!!!


Here we are in Idaho. Home for Christmas. My sister has a birthday coming up so I want to try out the things that I learned at Meranda's.  I found a recipe online for fondant. I've heard from multitudes that fondant is disgusting. So I wanted to find one that was edible.  Now, fondant, as a rule, is not really meant to be eaten. It's more of a decoration... an edible decoration, but a decoration nonetheless. My fondant, however, is awesome. It's still too sweet to eat a whole lot of, but at least it doesn't taste like rocks.

I had a cake in my head. I should have drawn it out to see how it looked in my head versus how it actually turned out. (some of my cakes I sketch, some I Internet stalk and try to copy others or just get inspiration). For this cake I was going for a fairy garden theme.

Some of it was cut by hand, some with cookie cutters that were meant to be something else but I played around with shapes and colors. My nieces all helped with the "narbles" (my nephew can't say marble- so from that day until the end of time, they will be called Narbles).

My niece, Sadie is quite a little artist. It was her mom's cake so I asked for her help with the little fairy. She made it all from her own imagination all with fondant. I think she did an amazing job!

For a first effort I don't think it turned out too badly.

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