Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bonneville HS graduation

This cake was fun! A girl from work needed a cake for her daughter's graduation so she asked if I'd do it. Of course, it was my pleasure.

This is the Bonneville High mascot:

Super unattractive, right?

So what kind of cake could I do for a graduating Bee?

Try this on for size. It's a little fondant bee, with graduation cap and tassel (you can't see it, but he has a tiny little stinger on his bum).  But I didn't want the little bee to be lonely... he got a few friends from the hive (with even teenier stingers on thier bums). Bonneville colors are yellow and green. I threw in the black to make it "pop" a little bit, plus to bring it in from the bees.

It's a chocolate/white marble cake with white butter cream frosting.

Personally (and I am my own worst critic), I think it's pretty cute. I just hope Katie thinks so too. Apparently, she was bragging to her friends that her mom is ordering her a cake!a real cake! and her friends thought her mom had gotten something like, from the Ace of Cakes... yeah... I hope she's not too disappointed. Duff is waaaaaaaaay outta my league.



  1. Love it, Heather! Looks fantastic. And now I'm having a serious craving for your fondant........

  2. That is so SUPER adorable!!!! Great work Heather! I love it!