Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I keep putting off this non-announcement.

The results of the poll that showed up on my other blog (which--- that was meant to be on this blog--- but I picked the wrong one) are in. Let me refresh your memory of the question:

Is "BitterHarpyCakes" bad to put on a business card?

Your responses:

Heck no! It's awesome!  9 (31%)
Umm... Yeah. Who would buy a cake from a Bitter Harpy? 11 (37%)
Why are you even asking? You know you'll do what you want anyway.  9 (31%)

Thank you kindly to those of you who voted.

And the winner is..........

... the 62% who know me best! Yes, it's an awesome name- and those who voted for question three- You're right. Your opinion is important to me, but I'll make up my own mind in the end.

If it ever comes to the point where I make business cards or some other such business-ish venture, I will be under the name Bitter Harpy Cakes.  That's the blog title- that's me. I don't think people are going to be silly enough to think the cakes will be bitter. I give society more credit for sense than that.  It's a different name- and it stands out. I like it.

And I've not yet had complaints of nasty tasting cake so..... there ya go. 

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