Friday, August 19, 2011

Kent and Conlin Weddings

When the bride came to order this cake she had several pictures of what she wanted.  A piece of of this cake- some from this one but not all on one cake. My mom was taking the order and showed her a picture of the Willis cake. She looked at the picture and said, "That's it!!! That's the cake!" So they are very similar. Aside from the obvious differences, the difference is that the filigree is slightly altered (because it has to go according to my mood).

They were using fresh flowers and since the wedding was in Malad- and they were picking it up instead of having it delivered, it is void of flowers- they will put them on at the location.  I am hoping though, that they send me a picture of final effect.

This cake is just a small three tiered round for an old family friend.

  The mother of the groom did the arrangement on top and my mom did the little flowers on the sides.  Simple, but still really pretty (I think).

[by the way- I took my picture from the wrong angle- it's really not all wonky and off kilter- it's supposed to look like that. the layers are a little pushed back and line up at the back. You just can't really tell from the pic]

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